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The Pros And Cons Of Buying A New Construction Home

Posted by Elite Realty Agency on July 8, 2016

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Planning to buy a new home can get cumbersome as there are quite many choices involved and so less time to make a decision. Purchasing a home is a big decision which is why you have to do your homework in order to avoid buying a lemon. When you are looking to buy a home, one thing that perplexes many potential home buyers is whether they should buy a new construction home or an old well furnished home. Here are some advantages as well as disadvantages of buying a newly built home.


Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home


No Maintenance Cost Incurred

First things first, your home is surely your biggest investment, so you have to be prudent while making your choice. A newly constructed home will have new fixtures, fittings, pipelines and duct-work for heating and air conditioning. Any related problems will be out of your hair for the first few years as the new materials do not need regular maintenance.


Latest Design and Technology

Most newly constructed homes are built and designed considering the today’s modern lifestyle. This is why newly constructed homes now have walk-in closets, large master baths, green recreational areas, eat-in kitchen and open living areas. They are also equipped with security alarms, electrical circuit protectors and other fancy gadgets and technologies.


serious-woman-holding-the-justice-scaleA Piece of Paper for a Peace of Mind

Professional building companies provide after sales service and a warranty for their work which gives the buyer a peace of mind. This is the one biggest advantage that pushes the buyers to purchase a newly constructed home. No warranty is provided to the buyer for purchasing an old home. This means that the owner of the home assumes all the risks associated with the property.


Disadvantages of Buying a New Construction Home


The Cost Factor

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have read that the construction cost of a newly built home has increased exponentially because of the new regulations imposed by the federal and local governments on construction companies. Construction companies now have to adhere to environment friendly processes and use similar products in the construction of homes, driving the prices upwards.


Location Matters Too

Most newly constructed homes are built far from city centers and necessary destinations like hospitals, schools and shopping centers which can significantly increase your commuting time. It does not make any sense to purchase a new home if you have to drive for an extra hour or two to reach your office. This factor of location discourages most of the potential home buyers to purchase a newly constructed home,  far from the city.


Less Area Space

New construction homes are built on less square foot as compared to the old homes. This is why you will find a smaller front lawn and backyard. The rooms of most new construction homes are not as spacious when compared to old homes. If area size is what matters to you most, then you should rather look for old homes instead of searching for new ones.


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